About Us

Floridians for Better Transportation (FBT) is a statewide business and transportation association - created in 1988 by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Council of 100 - dedicated to making transportation safer and more efficient in Florida.

We know that Florida's economy is "transportation-based" and our quality of life is dependent on a good and adequately-funded transportation system. Simply put, transportation is what makes safety, freedom, and prosperity possible in Florida!

FBT has a growing and diverse membership of businesses, organizations, and individuals, including:

  • the Florida Chamber of Commerce,
  • the Florida Transportation Builders Association,
  • Publix Super Markets,
  • SunTrust Bank,
  • the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers,
  • the Florida Public Transportation Association,
  • the Florida Ports Council,
  • the Florida MPO Advisory Council,
  • the Florida Airports Council, and
  • numerous local businesses, Chambers of Commerce, MPOs, and transit providers all across the Sunshine State.